Use the Purchase Order Releases Batch API to send a large number of Purchasing Release Create, Update, or Cancel requests to Plex for processing. Send a POST request to a batch endpoint and Plex will process the requests. Use a GET request to track the status of the batch request as it is processing.


  1. Create a batch by submitting a POST request to one of the batch endpoints:

    • POST purchasing/v1/release-batch/cancel
    • POST purchasing/v1/release-batch/update
    • POST purchasing/v1/release-batch/create
  2. Format the request to use the appropriate Resource IDs and data.
  3. For Create Releases, provide a unique identifier for the Release or it will be automatically generated.
  4. Save the Batch Request ID that is returned in the response. Use this ID to check the status of the batch process.
  5. Use the Batch Request ID in a GET request to purchasing/v1/release-batch/id at regular intervals to view the status of releases that have been processed and to view any failure information.
  6. When the batch is complete, persist any errors that the customer encountered.

At this time, the following functions of Plex are not supported by this API:

  1. Revision Tracking
  2. Email and EDI Notifications
  3. Multi-Entity Releases
  4. JIT / RAN
  5. Creation of Release Jobs

Release Batch



Cancel Release Batch

Enqueue a set of releases to cancel.


Create Release Batch

Enqueue a set of releases to create.


Get Release Batch{id}

Retrieve the status of a batch process by Batch Request ID.


Update Release Batch

Enqueue a set of releases to update.